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Rosebud Garden

Nurturing and teaching young children in a beautiful, home-like setting.

In Rosebud Garden Preschool, young children learn about life by example and imitation. We take great care to provide a beautiful environment and a daily rhythm where each child is nurtured and thrives. Children fully participate in incorporated artistic activities such as painting, coloring and seasonal crafting. They also learn practical household activities such as meal preparation, washing dishes, cleaning up, and laundry. And each day, they engage with nature through outside play and activities like gardening, caring for our environment and feeding the birds that visit our play yard.

Providing ample time for creative free play is central to our program. This encourages joyful learning and develops the imagination. Studies show that play in the early childhood years is the key to success in school because it encourages cognitive, social, emotional, physical and moral development.

Rosebud Garden Preschool provides a home-like environment held by rhythm where children are nourished and respected. Surrounded by beauty, young children develop reverence for all life at an early age, building a healthy childhood foundation that enables each child to become a self-directed, aware, and compassionate human being.

Explore Our Full-Day or Half-Day Options

This program is for children two to four years of age. Children turning five during the school year should apply for one of our kindergarten programs.

  • The half-day program runs from 8AM to 12PM
  • The full-day program runs from 8AM to 3PM
  • Extended day options are available through 5PM
  • Children may attend either two, three, four, or five days per week

If you’re interested in learning more about Rosebud Garden Preschool, give us a call or complete the form below.

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"The Parent-Child class at KWS is a beautiful experience that offered my daughter and I the opportunity to build community with a small group of mothers with toddlers or infants. Early childhood is a time when our children are learning to get to their feet (standing, balancing, walking and running) and we, as mothers, are trying to find our feet under us in our new parenting role. Molly (the teacher) gently introduced the concept of healthy rhythms and routines in a supportive home-like environment where our children delight in exploration and play and parents delight in camaraderie and personal development of our own." - Beth

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