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Kimberton Waldorf School is excited to announce a new classroom opening!

Led by the vision of the teachers, Kimberton Waldorf School has committed to expanding our Rosebud programs. Our goal is to provide more children a place to blossom through a truly loving, natural, and creative environment. As a result, we are able to prepare children for later learning and for life itself.

More and more parents are turning to Waldorf education, and Kimberton Waldorf School, to be partners in the incredible journey of engaging their child. Therefore, leading them toward the path of success, purpose, and direction in their lives. Rosebud Garden offers a warm and home-like setting. Great care has been taken to provide beautiful environments—both indoors and outside. Each child’s senses are nurtured and nourished.

Interest in our Rosebud Garden program has increased dramatically this year. Which has led our parent child and preschool programs to reach capacity. In order to continue serving our community we are pleased to announce that renovation work will take place to create an additional classroom for the Rosebud Garden Preschool and Parent Child programs.

Surrounded by the Briar Wood, the classroom will be a joyful, light-filled space, painted with luminous washes of watercolor. The room will also be filled with beeswax, pine cones, shells, and driftwood—all the best “toys” that nature has to offer.

We truly believe that the investment made today will have a lasting impact on the children in our care, giving them the tools and skills needed to become a self-directed, aware and compassionate human being!

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We are now accepting applications for a new class for the 2019-2020 school year. Fill out the form below to find out more information:

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