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Soul of Discipline Workshop – Begins Sept 28, 2019

Sep 22, 2019 | Events, Parent Education

We are once again pleased to present to our families and community, The Soul of Discipline Workshop, based on the work of Kim John Payne and his book The Soul of Discipline – The Simplicity Parenting Approach to Warm, Firm and Calm Guidance from Toddlers to Teens.

This workshop is facilitated by Karen Hite, Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach.

Join us for this 4-session workshop that gives parents permission to be warm and nurturing but also calm and firm (not overreactive).  Learn clear, doable strategies to get things back on track for parents who sense that their children’s behavior has fallen into a troubling pattern.  This will provide a healthy direction for the entire family so parents can spend less time and energy on outmoded, ineffective discipline and more on connecting with and enjoying their kid.

In this workshop, you will…

  • Learn how to reframe discipline as a definer of family values and a way of guiding children through different developmental stages rather than a harsh or controlling parental stance
  • Consider the key concept of disorientation vs willful disobedience
  • Explore a developmentally based approach for adjusting your parenting through time
  • Cultivate confidence and calm as you guide your children and increase family connection
  • Discover how your own parent biography may help or hinder your parenting
  • Take home tips and tools that are both practical and sustainable

Session Dates: Please Note Dates Have Changed

Saturdays, 9am – 11am:  September 28, October 12, October 19, November 19
KWS HS Library

Registration is required – $20


Facilitated by Karen Hite, Certified Simplicity Parenting Coach

You will need to purchase the book, The Soul of Discipline: The Simplicity Parenting Approach to Warm, Firm, and Calm Guidance- From Toddlers to Teens before the first session and read the first 50 pages.

For more informatioin or questions:

About the Author, Kim John Payne

A consultant and trainer to 250 U.S. independent and public schools and school districts, Kim John Payne, M.Ed., has been a school and family counselor for more than thirty years. He has also consulted for clinics, training centers, and educational associations in South Africa, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. He has served as the project director of the Collaborative Counseling Program at Antioch University and the co-director of an extensive research program on a drug-free approach to attention-priority issues. He is the director of the Simplicity Parenting Project and the Center for Social Sustainability and has worked extensively with the American and U.K. Waldorf movements. The author of Games Children Play, Simplicity Parenting, and Beyond Winning, he lives with his wife and two children in Northampton, Massachusetts.

What people are saying about The Soul of Discipline:

“The Soul of Discipline offers practical tools for helping parents implement discipline that’s respectful and effective, but the book is so much more. Kim John Payne offers a framework to guide parents in making decisions about why, when, and how to hold tighter reins as we build skills in our children, and why, when, and how to loosen the reins as we scaffold freedom.”—Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., co-author of No-Drama Discipline
“This book gets deep inside the challenge of getting along with children and teens and thinks deeply about what they need from us to become strong and self-managing. It elevates discipline to what it should be—a caring process of helping kids orient to the world and live in it happily and well.”—Steve Biddulph, author of The New Manhood
“Kim Payne provides a useful model for choosing our parenting stance—Governor, Gardener, or Guide—depending on the situation. Most powerfully, Payne begins with the radical view that children are not disobedient but rather disoriented. The upshot of this shift in perspective is that discipline is about helping children orient themselves effectively, not about controlling or chastising.”—Lawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D., author of Playful Parenting

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