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Why We Chose Kimberton Waldorf School

Dec 17, 2018 | Family Profiles, Parent Education, Resources, Videos, Waldorf Education


Why we send our four children to KWS

We had our kids in a private school before that was based on common core curriculum. Watching our kids approaching different assignments, seeing them being constantly stressed about grades, tests and overall performance, we asked ourselves if this is what we want to give them. Seeing their schooling as a very stressful race from one test to another, with lack of common sense in many assignments, lack of logic in many homework tasks, constant push on repetition instead of encouragement to free thinking, and finally suppressing our kids’ freedom to ask questions, was very concerning.

Having four kids, we don’t know who they will become as adults, but we certainly want them to be people who aren’t afraid to question the status quo and find their own ways towards happiness and fullness in their lives. Common core education didn’t give us the perspective nor tools to help them grow as individuals who discover themselves and the world around, rather it was a process of creating stressed, tired and discouraged young souls who were not interested in learning as an adventure. It was seeing education as a system, an artificial way of possessing enough short-term knowledge necessary only for purposes of tests.

Waldorf showed itself as a journey, where kids are approached according to their age and current state of being. Where even complex matters can be explained in accordance with kids’ natural way of understanding, processing and absorbing information. Waldorf appeared to be the answer to help kids to fall in love with learning, reading, counting and discovering beauty of the world without unnecessary stress and encouraging a long-term interest in expanding their interest in many topics instead of the “learn-pass test-forget” process.

The amount of time the kids spend with nature, from feeding goats to getting dirty in the woods, is absolutely wonderful! As Eastern Europeans we missed this at our previous school. The emphasis of art being largely incorporated into Waldorf curriculum, in our eyes, was a very important factor in helping kids become fascinated with education. No electronic devices policy: what a relief it is. Since we came to KWS my kids don’t even mention anything about cellphones. We decided to completely give up on TV a couple years ago, so we have great evening times together, more time for fun, reading, discussions, games, Torah studies, or simply to be together. It is a very liberating experience. – Current KWS parent

I knew this was the school I was looking for

I chose Kimberton Waldorf School for my child for many reasons. From the moment I visited the early childhood Rosebud Garden, I knew this was the school I was looking for. It reminded me of my own childhood playing outside all day with my siblings and cousins at my grandparents home. This was the experience I wanted for my child. I wanted a place where my child could play outside a lot and just be a kid as long as possible. Children play with natural materials, both outside and inside. In early childhood, they learn how to get along with other children and through imitation. They are not forced to learn reading, writing, and math before they are developmentally ready.

As they move into the grades, I love that students are offered a wide variety of activities and classes, such as arts, woodworking, gardening, handwork. Activities you don’t always find in other schools. Students also aren’t given homework until later grades.

My daughter is now in first grade. She loves to go to school every day. I am constantly amazed by what she has learned, her creativity and her desire for knowledge. I’m so happy to have discovered Kimberton Waldorf School and for my daughter to have this experience. – Current KWS parent

As alumni, it's been our dream to send our children to KWS

My husband and I both graduated from KWS in 1993. We are very grateful for the academic, artistic and practical skills our education gave us. One of the gifts of Waldorf education is that students are taught that everybody has the fundamental, human capacity to create. Waldorf education also instills in students the courage to create and take risks. No doubt this drive to create led us to make the life-defining decision to build our own house and gave us the courage to become business owners. Waldorf education fosters students’ commitment to making the world a better place for everybody. No doubt this inspired me to work for a nonprofit focused on social justice. It’s always been a dream of ours to send our own children to KWS. We believe that Waldorf education can imbue in children a sense of wonder, reverence and curiosity about the world around us. Our great hope is that our children, who are now in Kindergarten & Rosebud, will receive this gift of a Waldorf education and then will make a positive contribution to the world.- Alumni and current parents

KWS is a place where every student is known and appreciated

Both of my children graduated from KWS and even though they are very, very different from each other, they have some similarities in how they think.

They have a clearer sense than many people their age about who they are and they do not want to compromise their sense of self. They think critically but not judgmentally. They are interested in the world. They like to discuss ideas, philosophies, politics, cultures and can do so deeply and intelligently. They have a deep understanding of right and wrong that comes from inside themselves, not from the outside world. They have empathy. They value enjoying life and contributing to society over making money. They have a global sense of the world yet they know the importance of strong local community because they have lived in one. They enjoy engaging with other people.

In some ways it is easier to say what they don’t do rather than what they do; They do not automatically believe what they hear. They do not see themselves as being on a set path that they have to follow. They do not jump on bandwagons or do things just because it is the popular thing to do.

KWS is a place where every student is known and appreciated. Everyone discovers the strengths and weaknesses that make them the individuals that they are. The array of arts and academics that they experience makes them well-rounded so that they go into the world feeling empowered. Through all of these things, the feeling life is nurtured which strengthens their emotional intelligence. High emotional intelligence is strongly correlated with success and happiness in life.

Education is love. It sounds corny, but it really is a revolutionary idea when you stop and think for a minute. As teachers, we really strive to love each child, to appreciate them for who they are, acknowledge their strengths, push them to grow where they have weaknesses, and help them to realize their abilities. – KWS faculty and alumni parent

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